Sunday, January 25, 2009

Its hard to believe...

I live in sunny California. We've had a great start to our new year. My Mom, Heidi, Judd & family came to visit and of course go to Disneyland. (I still can't believe that I can go there whenever I want.) Tyler and Jace had so much fun with their cousins. They are still recovering from all the late nights. The weather last week was absolutely amazing for January. Over the three day weekend Billy's brother Jim had a 40th birthday party at the beach house. We got to head down for a few days and enjoy the great weather and visit with family. I don't hardly remember seeing Tyler that whole weekend!! I still can't believe we live so close we get to do fun things like this!

Jace learned a new trick with his lips!

Tyler didn't want his picture taken, so I took a picture of him not wanting his picture taken!!

Jace loves the beach and balloons but they don't got together very well. He popped so many!!

On our last day at Disneyland, Judd stayed home with the babies and I got to have the day with just Tyler. It started out rough... Tyler had a little accident, well it wasn't little at all. We found a pair of Jace's pants in the car and they fit him has shorts. I couldn't believe they fit his waist. The rest of the day went perfect. We had so much fun. We didn't realize how easy Disney is with just one kid.

I think I mentioned that Tyler loves the princesses!

This is his cheese face!

These two were best and worst friends!! Everyone thought they were brother and sister. They act like it too. They cried when they had to say goodbye!

We took and day and went down to Balboa Island! We found my Mom's corn dogs!! (she didn't want us to take a picture!) sorry Mom you look awesome...remember that lady thought you were are sister!!

I went to Disneyland on a random afternoon and this is what happened! I still can't believe it!


Hadley's said...

This is Andrea Hadley (my husband and Billy were mission companions), I like to look at your blog occasionally, and I just have to tell you that you have a DARLING family!

Doug and Tami said...

I love disneyland, you guys are so lucky!

Hey - are you coming into town any time in the near future?? I would LOVE you to take some new photo's of my baby. Let me know, or give me a referral for someone that you know. I love the black and white ones that you did for Heather!!

someone said...

Holy Smokes your kids are cute!
-Becky Kelly

The Warrens said...

okay thats it, im moving in with you guys.. beach house, disney land.. what a life! Your kidos could not be cuter!!

Ryan and Hailee said...

so lucky!! I love that video, I can't believe Mickey did that, that is so adorable!!!! I miss you guys, I need to come back soon.

McGuire's said...

Mel that is no fair!! I can't even imagine being at the beach and feeling warm. and Disneyland right there. So fun!

elli hugh photography said...

You guys are such a fun family! Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mommy! Which by the way are so stinkin adorable!