Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a very fun and eventful weekend. We headed 2 hours north to Moorpark then to Ojai. We visited Grandpa Hunters grave. That was fun for the kids... Jace wanted all the windmills haha. Billy and I did our first 5k race while pushing the boys in the jogger stroller. We came in second for the stroller catagory! We visited lots of Billy's family, picked oranges in the orange grove. Had a Barbie 'Q at Bob and Lounie's house, and lots of swimming!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a great Birthday week!

Last night the Monarchs gave us their Angles tickets for a birthday gift! We had such a great time! I love baseball games! The week really just ended last night!

Tyler had to bring his glove...he wants them to throw the ball to him so he can catch it!

The adorable Men in my life! I'm the luckiest!!

Tyler never ever does this...He was so tired! I loved it!

I love this guy... he is growing up so fast. I'm so lucky to be his mom.

Tyler smashed his little fingers in the elevator. We thought for sure they were broken but after 2 hours in the ER, just really brushed with some abrasions. Poor little guy he was so sad and brave! It is pretty much all better now.

Jace and Sydney! They play so good together!

Tyler and Tess! I gave up doing his hair at the end of the week. Bad mommy!

We ate at the Woody's Roundup for lunch twice! Yummy food and the kids get to run around and Dance with Woody and Jessie.

Part of the crew! Thanks Mom, Heidi and Hailee for such a great week! You guys are the best I love you so much. Your welcome back anytime!!!

Then it was off to Disneyland for a whole week! Wow that was crazy. We had such a blast.

Tyler earned "20 stars" so he got to go to Boomers and miniature golf. His favorite thing to do! (This took almost 2 months to earn the stars, good job Buddie)