Friday, August 29, 2008

Jace is 9 months today!

So at age 9months he is crawling not quite on all fours but he definitely gets around. He gets him self from his tummy to sitting up! He eats what ever I give him. He's a human vacuum, He loves his big brother, he does patty cake! Oh and he slept 12 hours last night without food! Yay for Jace! We love him very much!

Baby Jace at just a few days old. It's just amazing how fast they grow up and how much they change!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just a bit more of summer fun!

We took Tyler to the Discovery Museum. He got to meet Bob the builder... He has no clue who he is, we don't watch him. You can tell he doesn't like him much. After we left he said " I don't like Bob"! It was so funny.

This is a tornado... really cool we thought.

And were still trying the whole potty training... any tips?

Tyler and Daddy at the beach. I think they look so much alike!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First week in Cali...

We have had a great week here in California. I am adjusting well. We have tried to get the boys back on a routine, they got all messed up from the move and vacations. They are having lots of fun. Tyler loves to go swimming, and he's made some new friends. I love our ward, lots of young couples and tons of kids! Billy is slowly learning his new job, I wouldn't say he loves it yet. Still adjusting . I love all the thing to do down here. We found the best park. We have great restaurants. We went to Newport beach last night for family night. We trying to stay positive and enjoy our adventure. Tyler and Jace ready for church.

They love the tub!!

Breakfast is one of my favorite times of the day, The kids eat so good and they are so happy!

Jace can now pick up small pieces of food and put it in his mouth. So cute!

The boys love the pool, we have the greatest baby pool. Jace touch the bottom and Tyler swims perfect with no floaties.

Well we tried underwear didn't do so well. Better luck next time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Journey Moving!

We are finally here in Cali! The weather is perfect, lots of new and exciting adventures ahead of us.

Louine and her new husband Bob! They look so Happy!! Congratulations!
Ty and Daddy at the wedding. We took pictures of each other haha!

Mommy and Jace at the wedding!

Jace and his cousin Kade. They are just 6 weeks apart

Afton got tackled by Ty and Tess!!

Michelle and Myself say cheese!

Tyler got to go bowlin! He love is it!

Tyler and Cousin Tess! So cute I love this picture!

Then we headed to back to Provo for Billy's Mom's wedding. All my sisters got together and went the the Dinosaur Museum on $2 Tuesday! Wow it was crowded! But we had a great time!

This is our new favorite place! There is one just up the street!

This is our place right after we got all the boxes in. I'll get some better pictures when we get all settled.

Dinner at Rainforest cafe at Downtown Disney! Tyler was sleeping in the stroller!

Grandma with the boys! Oh how we love her! Thanks mom for all your help!! She stayed with us and helped us move in!

Tyler and Jace in their new room. They love their closet mirrors. They make the room look bigger.

Ty and Mommy!

Dinner at Wood Ranch, one of our favorites

Tyler sleeps like this in the car. We were laughing so hard!

We stopped by Grandpa Hunter's grave. I never got to see it because Jace was born a week after he passed. We love and miss him so much!

Our way awesome beach house week! Aren't they so cute?

Billy and I at the Ojai house. His mom is getting ready to sell it... so we wanted to go a spend some time there.

This is all our stuff packed up in our POD ready to be shipped to California!

Our last day at Cambridge Court house!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh I just love this...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beach House 2008

We had such a good week at the Beach House this year!! Great weather, good food, family laughs...and so much more!! Tyler and Jace were so cute in there matching Jammie's! I seem to do this a lot. It's so fun to buy matching clothes!

Every year we get a picture in this same spot! I love getting a little sun tan!

On this trip Jace started crawling and clapping! He is growing up to fast! It's fun to see Tyler interact with him now. He can get him in full blown laughter it's so cute!

Billy had a great time surfing! Your hot babe!!!

Yes... Jace ate the sand!

Tyler loved throwing the rocks on the beach! He also found a new love for ping pong and Foosball!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a crazy few weeks!

I haven't blog for so long! I have been with out Internet for close to three weeks now. I want to catch you all up on what we have been up to. We moved out on the 17th of July... We drove to California, stayed with our in laws for 2 nights and then spent a week at our beach house. (Lots of Pictures to come...) Then Monday the 28th we were able to get our keys to our tiny two bed room apartment. Our POD was there with all our stuff. The wonderful elders quorum came an help us move in. We also had my Mom with us helping with the boys and whatever else we needed! Thanks MOM!!! I got mostly settled in... Then I flew back home with my mom and the boys for a family wedding this weekend. Billy starts his first day of his new job at UCI Monday. He then fly's in Friday night for the wedding. Sunday we then drive our second car back to Cali with our boys! I will then be officially A California resident! So it been a crazy month for us!! We our so excited though. We love where we live! My darling boys have put up so much! Life will soon settle down and I will have plenty of time to keep you all posted on our fun new adventure!! Much more to come!!!