Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winter Fun!

Tyler had his first day of skiing last week with his cousin Tess. He did so good and loved it!

Hailee and I used to ski a lot together in our pre child years... It was so fun that we now can teach our kids! Great exercise too!

We had a great visit from Grandma and Grandpa Bob. The kids are really getting to know them and love having them in our home!

So proud of my Big Tyler, he had such a great little indoor soccer season! He amazes me everyday! I love Jace's face...he was so proud of his brother too!

This little guy finally pooped on the potty and got a pair of these! They never leave his side, he even sleeps with them!


Britt-Marie said...

You're kids are just so stinkin' cute! That's really cool that Tyler learned to ski. (Helps to live in UT I guess, hehe My kids have barely even seen snow.) That is wonderful news about learning to use the potty! We haven't even started. :P

Michelle and Brady said...

How cute is this post!!! I love all of it! Haha jace and his punching gloves! I miss you melly!