Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Journey Moving!

We are finally here in Cali! The weather is perfect, lots of new and exciting adventures ahead of us.

Louine and her new husband Bob! They look so Happy!! Congratulations!
Ty and Daddy at the wedding. We took pictures of each other haha!

Mommy and Jace at the wedding!

Jace and his cousin Kade. They are just 6 weeks apart

Afton got tackled by Ty and Tess!!

Michelle and Myself say cheese!

Tyler got to go bowlin! He love is it!

Tyler and Cousin Tess! So cute I love this picture!

Then we headed to back to Provo for Billy's Mom's wedding. All my sisters got together and went the the Dinosaur Museum on $2 Tuesday! Wow it was crowded! But we had a great time!

This is our new favorite place! There is one just up the street!

This is our place right after we got all the boxes in. I'll get some better pictures when we get all settled.

Dinner at Rainforest cafe at Downtown Disney! Tyler was sleeping in the stroller!

Grandma with the boys! Oh how we love her! Thanks mom for all your help!! She stayed with us and helped us move in!

Tyler and Jace in their new room. They love their closet mirrors. They make the room look bigger.

Ty and Mommy!

Dinner at Wood Ranch, one of our favorites

Tyler sleeps like this in the car. We were laughing so hard!

We stopped by Grandpa Hunter's grave. I never got to see it because Jace was born a week after he passed. We love and miss him so much!

Our way awesome beach house week! Aren't they so cute?

Billy and I at the Ojai house. His mom is getting ready to sell it... so we wanted to go a spend some time there.

This is all our stuff packed up in our POD ready to be shipped to California!

Our last day at Cambridge Court house!


Tiffney said...

Wow!! What a fun adventure! Change is always so good but so hard at the same time. Your little family is absolutely darling!! I don't think they come cuter than your little guys!! Good Luck in Cali!

Heather Telford said...

I am crying looking at these pictures.. i miss you guys!!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Wow you have so much going on!!! That's crazy! It looks like a lot of fun though!!! I'm glad you got all moved in!

Lindsay said...

HOw fun and lucky you get to live in Cali. Marie my sister just moved there and i texted her today and she said right now it feels like she is on vacation. Beautiful family

Hadley's said...

Billy long time no see, Your family looks awsome I am sorry to hear about your dad. I am sure he was a great man. This is Kevin I was woundering if you guys wanted to move to saint george ut and hang with me and my fam.Feel free to email me We need to talk. Westside!!

Messenger said...

Mel, I love the pictures they are so cute. I miss you so much already, It is not the same without you. Love you!

Doug and Tami said...

I am so excited for you guys...and jealous!! I have always wanted to live in Cali, maybe one day! Looking forward to your updates! Love to all!

jimnalli said...

Oh that looks like so much fun...(especially after you are all settled). I love the picture of you sisters with your kids..that is Such a cute cute picture!! ANd you MOM looks SOO beautiful in that picture with your kids..I LOVE your mom. I hope all goes well with the unpacking!

Ryan and Hailee said...

I love the pictures!! I really can't believe you guys are actually gone :( but can't wait to come visit!!! I love you guys!!!

Sarah said...

How fun!! I had no idea you moved to California, i am jealous!!! I love all the pics and you look so great!! COngrats on the new move!!

Barrett, Mindy, and Angel Trinity Adams said...

Cute pics Melanie...and congrats on your new place. Love ya cuz!